Once you’ve done the hard work of identifying your Ideal Customer Avatar, you can use it to make your ad campaigns work harder than ever. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Incorporate photography that is reflective of your ICA
    • Race – If your ICA has a strong showing of one race over another, be sure that is reflected in your photo choices. If your ICA is very diverse, rotate your photo selection to show diversity. Tip: try to avoid those stock photos of the multi-ethnic happy people in a group shots which may check the to-do box, but won’t actually connect with anyone in your ICA.
    • Gender – If your business appeals to men and women differently, consider running split ads that use male and female photos. This might seem silly at first, but it can really work to your advantage whether you’re a tailor, a spa, a fitness coach or a doctor.
    • Relationship Status – You don’t necessarily need to know if they are married or not, but coupled or not can be useful in using photos to tell your story. Is your ICA single and fabulous, focused on friends and social life or early into married life and seeking out moments of connection?
    • Parental Status – If your ICA has kids, you may want to incorporate family moment photos reflective of that. Keep in mind that toddler parent lifestyles are not the same thing as tween parent lifestyles, so be sure you have POV on the family life stage before diving in.
    • Age – Pay attention to the perception of age here too. Just because your ICA is a woman in her 50’s doesn’t mean she wants to see photos of fake smiling grannies.
    • Lifestyle – For example, are they health oriented social creatures or health oriented solo artists?
    • Aspirations – Images that reflect the transformation your ICA desires or aspires to can be very powerful. Do they crave tranquility? connection? adventure? prestige?
  2. Highlight problems the ICA can relate to
    • Are they house-proud homeowners with older model homes? What kinds of problems pop up there that you can fix, service, prevent? Break your problems into micro categories for easier campaigns that are also easier for the homeowner to identify with.
    • Are they affluent married couples with no children who enjoy good food and wine and do heavy research before trying something new? Leverage your outstanding reviews and testimonials in your ad campaigns, focusing on the joy of discovery and reducing risk of a bad experience.
    • Are they up-and-coming professionals who work crazy hours to get ahead? Think about how hard it is to get things done when most of your hours are spent at work & what you offer to alleviate that pain point, whether it’s extended hours, text services, delivery, or customized appointment times and shout that out.
    • Is your ICA a single parent? Think about all the times that ICA needs something outside of the home but can’t get there because their kid is sleeping or sick. Feature things you can do to help like your awesome delivery service, the fact that you do Door Dash or even a bundled sick pack they can pick up the next time they are in store. Think about that single parent and the extra time they have on their hands when the kids are visiting the other parent. Feature ways that you can help fill their time, hearts and minds or help them get ahead of things so they can spend more time playing on the floor with their kids.
  3. Invest ad dollars in places where and when your ICA spends their time
    • If your ICA is a facebook user, but more on the home computer than the mobile phone, focus ad spend using day-parting so your ads show only when they are most likely to be online.
    • If your ICA lives in large apartment complexes on the periphery of downtown metros, use a geo-fenced approach to display ads inside a tightly defined area.
    • Purchase targeted TV ads from local cable broadcasters and place your ads on channels your ICA watches. For example, if your ICA is heavily into MTV and Tru TV, you can appear on those channels during your ICA’s watch times.
    • Does your ICA consider TV news the most trustworthy news source? Focus your PR efforts on getting news coverage.