Behavioral Insight: If you’re targeting residents of 76012, you are in for a challenge where affluents, empty nesters and young culturally diverse converge. If you try to blanket approach this zip code, you’re going to have a tough go because the incomes, drivers and desires of these groups have very little in common. Employ geographic research to figure out where each segment clusters physically.

20% – The affluents are well-connected consumers that love tech, making liberal use of it for everything from shopping and banking to news, entertainment and communicating. Rarely far from a smart phone, it’s a way of life.

17.4% – Empty nesters here don’t see spending time online as a priority, so it’s typically relegated to the home computer. Instead, you’ll find this crowd spending time with fitness activities like golf, walking, and biking.

14.5% – The younger set here works hard and is focused on climbing the professional ladder. Highly-connected to technology and its many uses, its also about status and prestige to have the latest gear.